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The weight of such connector is absolutely irrelevant, but its benefits can be immediately seen. Make two loops on top of the rig line; one large, the other fairly small.

Wrap the main loop around the tip string and tighten it. To remove the rig, simply pull the small loop and it will be released. Every single element, every detail has been studied and revised only in order to get what for us is perfection: the Astore TX Pole. The blank has been built with the purest super high modulus carbon, light, reliable, essential in its dynamic elasticity.

The fibers were then distributed on the mandrels according to a radial pattern so that the rod could respond safely to any type of torsion and bending. Butt section is long, a prerequisite for having a absolutely perfect balance. The tip has been built in combination with a solid carbon final part to allow maximum strike speed and to better manage the smallest monofilaments, resulting in a fast tip action and the best possible bending curve. Designed by agonists for agonists, it can not avoid to let every angler open-mouthed.

As a matter of fact, these Atomic XS poles are suitable for mullet fishing, like declared on the butt section, a mission which is possible only when the best technology is employed, as done here with CX1 carbon and Cross Winding carbon yarn reinforcement.

Those who have experienced the rod being pulled from hands, maybe in a fast running river, know that strength is vital in this sort of poles, and that the freedom to use thicker line than usual – being sure that the rod will cooperate — is worth because brings more fish to the landing net. Regular guests and casual ones living in the river Po: with Mullet that come up from the sea, Bream make an important part of summer catches.

They have been developed to be used in a number of fishing situations, including competition, and are built in S. The slim blank allow a superior handling and better fishing experience, both in fresh and salt water. Thus the seatbox assumes a compact volume, to find space in the narrower car booth but also on a scooter. The lower compartment, of 40 x 30 cm, 13 cm deep, is able to accommodate accessories and reels, and is closed by the cushion.

The seatbox can be customized with modules H40 and H80 the latter with front drawers or side drawer , available separately. Series of telescopic rods specifically dedicated to small fish and speed fishing job. Designed with very slim profile, breath-taking lightness and wonderful balance plus super-fast action, these rods allow the match angler to handle both ultra light and medium heavy rigs.

Made from CX-2 Nano-Tek High Modulus Carbon, they are equipped with spliced top section and solid carbon tip; handle area is coated with a special satin lacquer, offering a very comfortable grip and easing cleaning operations at the end of the match; the butt cap is made from aluminum with rubber shock-proof insert. Available individually only, in sizes from 2,50 up to 5,00 m. In order to protect it during transport, the set is supplied with a padded holdall, which can contain a spare series of rods.

The action is fast, with the sensitive tip free from oscillations when lifting the fish. The top cap, made from soft EVA, has a. The rods are available individually, but also in set with the holdall, which contains five rods but has ten spaces to allow the user to store a double series.

It eases the baiting and fast unhooking operations, while offering long lever to ensure an excellent penetration even in the absence of a true strike. With the cooperation of the angled curve keeps the maggot or pinkie in place to ensure multiple catches without replacing it.

First of all, the blanks made from CX1High Modulus carbon, lightweight and reactive but not fragile at all, which is wrapped by a carbon yarn to absorb both the loads resulting from fishing action and accidental shocks. Then the handle finish, coated by a rubber paint that improves the comfort of use Sensi Touch. Top section is tubular, a solution highly appreciated in sea fishing, and it carries the same rolling connector of Energhia Pro XR, which prevents the line tangling around the tip.

A touch of elegance and functionality that brings the Titan to an unexpected level of quality. On the river, at lake or seaside, Activa XS Power is a reliable partner, reactive and enjoyable to extend the fishing pleasure. Everything lives in its blank: built from S.

High Resistance carbon, then wrapped by a carbon yarn reinforcement which contrast its deformations, not only to prevent breakages, but also to improve its sharpness. In fact, such coil protection has been purposely deleted on top and second section, so that those sections are free to display their perfect action curve.

The exclusive Sensi Touch handle finish is a really nice feature, practically a signature which identifies many good Trabucco rods. The long, tubular top section displays a nice action, which is well followed by second section to care for the hooklink when the rod is almost vertical to let landing net come into play.

All inner sections are nicely painted in satin black, just because even the rods destined to tough life should carry a touch of Italian taste. Talking about main line, an high abrasion resistant line is always recommended, as it should survive the compression caused by lead shots and the excess heat due to their movement along the line.

No problem for XPS Match Pro, whose polymer include ceramic components which harden the surface and keep low temperature. Find out more on page One of the most successful series in the history of telescopic whips signed by Trabucco, today gets a new dressing with attractive graphics. The slim handle diameters and the total reliability of blanks are still the same, to continue to live strong experiences both in fresh and saltwater.

Its structure is made from high modulus carbon to obtain small diameter handle grips, high manoeuvrability and excellent balance Super Slim Blank. The tubular top section has a profile that gives it sensitivity and lightness.

The handle is covered by a layer of transparent satin paint. Sensi-Touch that makes it comfortable and eases the cleaning operations at the end of fishing session. The high level of reliability also comes from the High Resistance carbon.

The tubular top section is a must on rods, like this, which are destined to tough life due to big and restless river fish, as well as to the speed of sea fish like mullet and sea bream.

The handle grip is coated with a special satin finish Sensi Touch. Everyone talks about it, everyone knows the technique, everyone appreciates the quality of Trabucco rods. From today, such certainty turns into astonishment, because Energhia bolo perform a substantial leap in the scale of quality, thanks to some interesting innovations that link tradition to the future. The construction of telescopic joints stands off the crowd, as they benefit from X-Joint technology to display the unique coexistence of fastness and flexibility.

A wonder that. Thanks to the use of multi-axial carbon sheets, the X-Joint allow to obtain perfect action curves, absorbing all the torsions to which the blank is subjected, increasing the structural resistance and the response to stresses. Definitely the best joints ever made! Made entirely of stainless steel with protective rubber profiles, it is resistant to wear and external agents, and is ergonomic and stylish at the same time.

All this takes place through the deposition of a protective film on the frame, which seals and protects the steel without changing its structure, weight and technical specifications.

All accompanied by SiC rings. A further step forward for rods with very high performance and more reliable in every part! Range of rods which represents the highest expression of Trabucco experience and technology in the Bolognese field. Perfect actions, response speed and power calibrated series by series. Guides and reel seats are totally free from the risk of corrosion, making them suitable for sea fishing. With the birth of the new Powerlite, today Energhia XR series are four.

In addition, it is essential in the short range fishing or with light weight float rigs, one of the most exciting situations because fish plays its cards with a fast start.

Thanks to the construction with one section less than the tradition, the weight has been strongly reduced, but the CX2 carbon technology grants same sharpness. The presence of the eight meters rod in the series is important to tackle fairly deep rivers.

At first check, they give a feeling of power, but under load they draw a perfect curve. Great authority, therefore, both in casting and during the fight. So the Competition is here to shock everybody, with its amazing CX2 carbon material which has proven to be breakage free, thanks to the even dispersion of the nano-technological resin, deputed to seal the carbon layers.

This project has taken into consideration the need to more and more use fine lines and small hooks, which require the right sweetness in the rod, without missing the reactivity.

The series fits hi-leg SiC guides to avoid wet line sticking to the blank. Fantastic details are the satin finish of whole butt section and woven carbon reinforcement applied on to reel seat area.

The sliding guide fitting on second section, present on all Energhia 2KS, distributes the stress to protect both the integrity of the rod and that of the main line. The sliding guide on second section plays an important role, because it can distribute the load and straighten the line during cast, adding metres to the reachable distance, specially during those rainy days.

Also the Allround is fitted with long leg SiC guides to protect the line, specially when the terrible combination of tension and friction would inevitably push the temperature to a dangerous level. The sliding guides belonging to top section are finely wrapped on to carbon pipes and fit into each other perfectly. Very well designed and hand crafted, those guides are wrapped on to light tubular carbon segments and are aimed at keeping the line away from the rod, easing the achievement of remarkable casting distances, even with light rigs and wet conditions.

The Plume are optimally balanced, showing off a powerful body combined with a cushion zone in the upper part to deal with any fishing condition in fresh water or sea, also with relatively thin hooklinks. The sliding guides, applied on all intermediate sections, except the section nr. When holding Energhia you expect so much from it, knowing that you can even ask for the impossible, and, in case of TXL Powerlight, the answer is really of high profile.

TXL Power Light is the perfect combination of lightness and strength, highlighted by the carbon bands reinforcement applied under Cross Winding process. Rod made from high modulus carbon CX2 Nano-Tek with inclusion of a diamond-like special intersection of carbon strips Tape Winding that makes it aesthetically beautiful and, at the same time, extremely resistant both under traction, both during the cast.

With powerful and progressive action, it is proposed to face the sea in all conditions as it allows fishing by both light and medium heavy lines. These rods have a very consistent structure, further reinforced in the handle area by crossed carbon bands, while they display a tip action that allows you to delete the chance that the toughest fish can find shelter on the bottom or in the margins.

Nevertheless, these rods are distinguished by outstanding lightness and balance. The handle is reinforced with Woven Carbon, just below the reel seat and in the near area, this to further raise reliability and precision in action.

Special guides are wrapped on Frangente rods; they are able to resist saltwater corrosion much longer than any other guide in the market. The whole blank of the Scogliera is wrapped by special carbon bands that protect it against side impacts, as well as making it much more responsive and nice. The plate wrapped reel seat of Scogliera is made from stainless steel, with anti-corrosion treatment. Frangente X-Power Bolo is the perfect combination of lightness and strength, highlighted by the carbon bands reinforcement applied under Cross Winding process.

As well as for the guides, the Frangente has been equipped with a saltwater resistant reel seat, able to ensure maximum reliability during its life span. The nice side of Bolognese rods is versatility, as a single one can solve thousands of fishing situations. The secret of this series is the fantastic balance, which makes every size — including the always tough 7 metres — easily usable with a single hand.

This is due to the accurate project, based on CX1 carbon reinforced by Cross Winding, which enable to cast up to a 20 grams float without problems and with no oscillations. Within the new range, this Competition series is the access door to the Atomic world, a sort of link to the most powerful ones, which are identified by growing numbers like 2, 4 and 6. Its structure is fast tapered, with a compact closed length and a reasonably fine. These very powerful rods lend themselves to be used in the most demanding conditions you face in fresh or salt waters.

With them you can cast. Despite this, Atomic XS Energy bolos are balanced and pleasant to use. They are equipped with high quality components: SiC guides, PacBay plate reel seat and non-slip grip. Select your own Atomic and bring it to the water: fish will immediately realize who is the leader! All guides feature SiC ring to provide maximum protection to the line and dissipate heat developed during fish fight.

Pacific Bay reel seat. Size 7 to accept big sized reels. Each one of these rods is designed to target a certain job. In fact, when loaded by same test weight, the five series react in a different way, confirming that they have been built to develop a specific power range. Aluminium butt cap and EVA tower. The nice cap, including a protective rubber insert, is made from aluminium to provide lightness and strength.

The male side of all joints has been finely sanded with computer aided machine to obtain maximum precision. This prevents sticking when joints are wet, while at the same time it grants complete contact, avoiding any vibration.

Cross Winding carbon braiding. The whole blank af Atomic bolos, except top section, is wound by an high modulus carbon yarn protects it from accidental shocks.

Capable to cast up to 60 grams rig and lift up to 2 kilos weight, these rods can shock all those who like the strong tractions and consequently check the tackle very well before buying any. The safety is ensured by the carbon cross winding, which binds the blank up to second section, just to leave the top. A true braiding – not to be confused with cosmetic finish – which contrasts the deformations when the rod is heavily loaded and disperse the stress along the blank.

With casting weight up to 80 grams and able to lift up to 3 chilos, X4 rods can face the toughest conditions on the river, lake or at sea side without fear, thanks to the CX1. With hooklinks in the range of 0,,25 mm diameter, these rods can really stop those endless runs and lift the fish from water in case landing net could not be used.

Pac Bay reel seat of size 7 to accept big size reels. Realistically, these rods can cast up to grams rig and actually lift up to 6 chilos weight, but how many anglers could do so? For this reason, the series is made of 5 and 6 metres length only, as longer ones would have resulted out of control by the user. The rod can deal with sturdy hooklinks. The top guide has a frame with two arms to provide the necessary resistance, but also to avoid overlapping of the line at the top tip end.

Code Code The continuously evolving technology should not take care of high grade tackle only, but also bring the best possible performances to lower layers of the range and make them affordable to everybody. This nice Activa XS proves that Trabucco engineering team knows the job quite well, because the rods show pretty good balance and power, as well as extremely fine details: specifications which are normally confined to top of the range bolos.

Compared to existing Activa Bolo, these new rods have been designed with faster taper and reinforced with a carbon spiral up to third section. As a result, the body is remarkably stiff, and this has allowed the engineers to also include a good seven metres in the series. Built from excellent High Resistance carbon to deal with any fishing conditions in fresh water or into the sea, they display well balanced blanks that are characterized by a very thin diameter and optimal reliability, rare qualities in rods in this price category.

We can recommend the Activa VX to fish with great simplicity with floats ranging from 1 to 15 grams in weight. The rods are finished with excellent components, starting with SiC guides with anti-vibration frame; their handle is coated with a special satin lacquer and the reel seat is equipped with rubber shock absorbers. Super stiff hi-tech graphite body Ultralight aluminium main spool Graphite spare spool Hollow bail with anti twist line roller Double shielded stainless steel ball bearings Power Fight aluminium handle.

So the most classic bolognese style, fishing for chub and barbel in the clear running waters of the rivers, becomes a pleasant exercise of sport, capable to provide exciting experiences. Details that count, because a fishing line that lasts longer maintains its consistent reliability for long time, beyond the obvious reduction in cost.

The first one provides power to cast the float rig at distance and safely drive the big fish to the waiting landing net. Well programmed roles in a modern bolo, destined to face the lakes and river streams, where it can also easily catch trout, but even the sea rocks. The handle is tapered as much as needed to grant power and strength, without excess in diameters, and is brilliantly dressed by Sensi Touch finish: a fantastic sensation of smoothness and the chance to easily clean it at the end of a fishing session.

With Reventon bolos, for example, fishing with float in canals and streams, but also facing commercial lakes or sea ports is a real pleasure. Guides and reel seat quality have been selected to provide total reliability.

It can be used in a number of situations thanks to their easy handling and reliability, really at the top. The high resistance carbon fibers make the blank not only lightweight but also strong enough to fight whatever fish will bite at your bait. The presence of long rods, such as 4,50 and 5 meters, makes even more interesting this series, which is wrapped to perfection with lightweight long leg SiC guides.

All sections are finished with a special anti-stick paint, which eases the execution of long casts, even in presence of high humidity. So this is not a rod for specialists but a rod which finds its use in the stream as in the pond, river or at sea. The high resistance carbon is a guarantee of total reliability, forgiving the mistakes of beginners, but also guarantees lightness and precision.

The ringing S-SiC quickly disperses the heat, and allows the safe use of even very thin monofilaments. Carbon and Powerfibre. Easy to transport, these rods can be used for trout fishing in reservoirs and streams, even with heavy rigs. The Syntium FX is really versatile and if necessary can be used as Bolognese when fishing for carp. All the rods are equipped with S-SiC guides and premium quality reel seat.

Beyond the obvious waggler fishing, it can solve thousands of problems both in fresh and saltwater fishing. It can catch lake Trout as well as river Trout with lead sinker and earthworms. It can cast floating bombardas for surface fishing at. We have seen it light drifting from the boat for Mackerel, and even used as heavy feeder for Barb, as the tubular top is equally at home in fast running rivers.

In line with such need, the body of these rods is engineered to be heavily loaded, thus boost heavy wagglers to the horizon. The blank is further powered and protected by a cross winding carbon yarn, which is purposely missing on top section to generate a perfect action curve.

A great feeling comes from Sensi Touch finish of Code Guides are short leg HD model, able to quickly disperse heat caused by the endless line flow, an essential part of waggler fishing. The blanks, made of super high modulus CX-1 carbon are further enhanced with carbon filaments over the whole length but the tip. High quality components: SiC guides, shock absorber reel seat and non slip rubber painted handle. We then created the Selektor T-Match series, a full range of rods having several length and casting weights suitable for many situations.

The blank is made of Super High Modulus Radial Carbon, hardened and strengthened by the special Cross Winding technology, consisting in a double carbon ribbon crisscrossed along the whole length of each section. The rod is very fast during casting and able to strike rapidly. This is a so versatile rod, with excellent technical features exploited by those who likes match fishing for trout in the lake, fishing from the rocks on the sea and even by those who fish from the boat.

The series consists of three actions distributed in two lengths 4. Rods equipped with S-SiC guides, shock absorber reel seat and non slip paint on butt section. In your hands, a solid screw reel seat made by graphite and steel, nestled in a natural cork handle, the most comfortable material during hot weather as well as in the coldest winter. On the lake or in the sea, its reliability will let you focus on the action, without risk of technical problems or structural failure.

This is the test that has undergone this product at the design stage. The purpose of this rod was long casting and consequently the design efforts were focused in that direction. This allow a newbie too to cast a waggler as far as 90 meters! These rods are so powerful and resistant you can even lift big fishes with no problem when fishing in salt water, from rocks or piers. The range covers all the different actions and enables fishing with many different weights and size of waggler floats.

Before buying an match rod of any competing brand, ask your dealer to let you try one of our rods of the same price range. At that point you will have no more doubts. The catches of small-medium sized fish, such as Bream and Carassios or Garfish and Saddle Bream, the fish retrieve takes place smoothly.

The elegance of the cork grip, with EVA functional inserts, reminds us that fishing is a pleasure, while the SiC guides allow the use of braided lines. Compact closed length, reliability and good casting power are the basic requirements, which we have all fitted into the new Reventon Allround.

The relatively slim blank, made from High Resistance carbon, the comfortable and easily washable EVA grip plus the SiC guides make these great rods quite nice and durable, as well as suitable to fish with float, with bombardas, bottom leads and floating feeder, as well as hunting predators with livebait.

Our UK consultants provided all the essential elements to create a product that respects tradition and technique, then the team of Italian champions have managed to combine these features with all the needs for fishing in continental waters, and finally gave Trabucco the latest manufacturing technologies on the market.

Finally the results is an unrivaled range of match rods able to provide highly specialized and appropriate rods. Does not exist a company with such a vast range of match rods. The first meter above the handle is able to absorbe a huge power, returning it with an amazing projection of large wagglers.

Such a lot of power is not only necessary to send on the opposite bank the 30 and 35 grams wagglers, but also to beat the force of the wind, very frequent in those environments. The blank is structured in High Modulus Radial Carbon for an outstanding responsiveness, and is accompanied by the fantastic Fuji Match Alconite. Unparalleled handle made from cork of the highest quality, with the IPS Fuji reel seat to provide a firm and easy grip.

The 2K Match Power complete the wide Energhia range, without any presumptions, the most beautiful and famous match rod series in the world. The blank, made from High Modulus Radial Carbon, can develop the power to shoot 30 grams wagglers up to meters away.

In this model we have applied the latest technology, research and design available. This rod is dedicated to all those who want to complete their series of Energhia match rods.

Match rods are intended to withstand heavy stress, especially while casting, when the weight of the waggler along with the opposing force of the wind can generate an explosive mix.

We made the best match rod in the world: no frills, no compromise, and without even thinking about who could afford it. Countless hours of field testing, the finest materials, the best technology available, all this enclosed in four and a half meters. Try it on the water and you will never look back! The 2K Plus serie was missing of a 4,20 meters model and so we decided to build it.

When you start using this rod with a grams waggler you can really understand the essential quality of this project. Even if it is the shorter of the 2K Plus, it can cast as far as the others and with the very same accuracy. And when fighting the fish this rod is even more amusing.

If you want to push your limit, take this rod and you will discover a new world in match fishing. Its rigidity must be high in order to avoid oscillations which would damage the line. In this sense, the Fuji Alconite Match guides offer an absolute safety. Within the renewed Sygnum range, this series has a special role, thanks to its dual identity.

Favors and funs lovers of the most traditional English action, known as Waggler in the UK, with a gentle curve which safely controls the most important fish even with light lines. The CX-1 Micro Pitch carbon blank makes it belong to elite class match rods, because in action it develops an unexpected reactivity, higher than imagined at the time of purchase.

The rings are reliable, with the SiC ring and a rigid frame; the handle comes from an ultra-classic design, with natural cork artfully shaped and reinforced by an hybrid zone at the lower end. The two sizes are designed to offer different levers, depending on the fishing conditions, always with optimum handling. The progressive action allows to cast fairly heavy wagglers and fight with authority any fish of a certain size: in front of a mixed chances, with possible bonuses, these are the right rods.

Only the guide on the butt section is a double leg model; all the others are single leg for lightness reasons but also to let the rod develop its nice action. The handle is made from natural cork, while the fore grip is soft EVA. His vocation is all in the name: distance. In the wider canals it means casting to the opposite bank consistently and accurately; a joke, for a CX1 Micro Pitch carbon blank, which responds like a guitar string, even when it is loaded by a 35 grams super waggler.

The top section is anything but rigid, while offering the curve that is now essential for the successful landing of large Bream, even when the hook is relatively small enough and fine. One size only, fifteen feet, the right compromise between power and handling, because the execution speed of the cast is a vital prerequisite to achieve certain distances. SiC rings have programmed diameters for the use of shock leader, with single leg frame.

Great grip comfort, with the classic cork and screw reel seat. High precision joints, adjusted with the assistance of the computer and sealed on top by a special lacquer. A tool for serious anglers, with super slim and lightweight blank. The structure is entirely made from Nano Technology Carbon, an ultra reliable carbon material which can stand off the lightest and strongest available.

The action is tippy and allows you to cast at a great distance a wide range of wagglers. On the water, the rod can either handle fine and strong lines as well. It is fitted with new T-SiC Ultra-Light guides, reel seat of the latest design and handle entirely covered of high quality profile natural cork. From small lakes to river fishing for chub, barbel and bream or in commercial fisheries that require long distance casting with heavy wagglers.

We used Super High Modulus Carbon perfectly to get the necessary stiffness for long and precise casting and the essential flexibility for catchng big fish with low diameter lines and light tackle.

Manufactured with the very highest quality materials and finishing such as the high grade cork handle, genuine Fuji reel seat and S-Sic guides. For its technical specification and brilliant fishing performance, this series can shock you when you are aware of its affordable price! Nothing new for the Trabucco brand, but the world is full of match rods that are sitting at much higher cost levels, without offering the same degree of performance.

Two medium heavy action rods, differing in length at 4,20 and 4,50 meters, plus a third one that is destined to hard work, to cast wagglers belonging to the range of 10 to 30 grams. Classically dressed under Selektor standard, with handle in natural cork combined with EVA in areas subject to more wear and integrated reel seat, with no excess shape.

SiC single leg guides. Perfect action – progressive and very powerful. Extremely manageable and light, ideal for up to 12 g wagglers and for either low diameter line or heavier duty line for a large fish. The action is tippy and the blank is extremely reactive. Designed for speed fishing, when there is so much fish and accurate casts are required in addition to a suitable power for the quickest possible fish retrieve.

The particular action allows to calmly face any fight with big size fish. A real gun! The blank is slender, while the action is progressive, providing long cast performance and being always ready to fight the fish. These rods are equipped with ergonomic reel seat and cork with EVA inserts butt section. Two actions designed for easy fishing for fish carp, bream and crucian carp.

The reliability of the blank has been obtained by using super high modulus carbon Durawall, which is not only super strong but it is also remarkably light weight and sensitive. EVA and cork handle is particularly comfortable.

Equipped with SiC guides for better heat dissipation. Carp, Tench, Barbel are leading the list of dreams, which come true through reliable, manageable, powerful and light rods like these Erion XT.

Built from High Resistance carbon to fully bend without damage, they have a short closed length and a corrosion free Sea Guide guides configuration. The grip is made of natural cork, with hybrid inserts for superior durability and strong screw reel seat in graphite and steel. Erion logo hot printed on the butt is a touch of classic elegance.

The finishes are top-notch: S-SiC Match guides; screw reel seat mounted on natural cork handle, with the classic EVA Precision corrugated grip, offering a perfect control of the cast. The tip action is distinctly powerful yet versatile, making it effective even with lightweight wagglers.

Excellent casting capacity 30 grams for 4,50 m model and sensitivity, the latter obtained by using a very thin top and exploiting the peculiar taper of the top two sections. Series of particularly powerful and funny rods, thanks to the architecture of the blanks that features a special taper, providing parabolic, progressive action. One of the strength points that can be easily guessed by gripping one of these rods is the incredible handling and potential firmness with which they are able to face any fight, preventing to miss the fish.

We recommend to select your rod basing on your casting requirements: the farther you have to fish, the longer must be the rod. Precision Allround and made also for speed fishing, very useful when you need to land your fish in the shorter time possible. Coming back to its casting skills, when we state it is able to cast very far, we really mean very far: as far as over m with 40 or 60 g wagglers depending on the model you are using.

This exceptional results can be obtained only using very good materials such as the Super High Resistance Carbon Durawall, the stronger, tougher, more reliable Carbon on the market, in combination with reinforced joints between sections. The rod uses wider S-SiC guides and a natural cork handle. These two rods are born for carp fishing. Two different lengths having the same casting power: grams. Recommended for top water carp fishing in commercial fisheries or for long distance fishing in big lakes.

Super powerful rods developed in two sections with two different lengths 3. As for the whole series Syntium all the blanks are very thin because they are made in Super High Modulus Durawall Carbon but at the same time very powerful and reactive. Crossed Reinforced and Power joint to avoid blocking sections. In my opinion you are not right. Let’s discuss. Write to me in PM, we will communicate. Cortege por Madrid awaits your wake up to make you spend your superlative moments with the most suitable hedonism escorts in Madrid that you could imagine.

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Paolo Pirazzini: paolo. Today this passion became my work, and everytime I develop a new product or talk with a fisherman, I try to spread to him all my enthusiasm for this amazing sport! For me this is meda,ist, Love and Passion. To further enhance the mechanical characteristics of the fibres, Reglass has engineered its brand new epoxy resin formulations: Aerospace grade epoxy resin specially conceived, once bond to the carbon fibres, to maximally decrease the vibrations inside the composite.

This particular matrix formulation permits the carbon fiber to absorb vibrations thus permitting the best action-reaction behaviour. Its pointed shape, permits downloa keep cleaned the internal part every time that we insert the piece and avoids incisions on the part.

Exclusive working applied to the second piece of the Roubaisienne. It consists of the union by fusion of two different workings of the carbon dosnload used in the construction of the element.

In the lower подробнее на этой странице are employed longitudinal fibers to improve the rigidity, in the upper stretch the longitudinal fibers give lightness and elasticity.

This particles plot creates a kind of protective shell on the surface, capable to dispersing the electrostatic charges on the surface of the pieces, furthermore the konfer power makes possible to keep a lowest temperature on the pieces in comparison with a normal black carbon piece; so the action of the fishing rod remain consistent in extreme environmental conditions too. The Nanolith is an exceptional molecule that gives to material big downloda konger medalist feeder 390/90g free download vibrations reduction.

Its particles measures some nanometer, this means thousand times smaller than a single carbon wire, and creates a bond at atomic medailst between fiber and matrix. Through Nanolith innovation, Reglass is able to give technically superior products than traditional construction techniques.

Super toughened epoxy resin. Basing on the unsurpassed success of Sun Core, Reglass has modified the molecular structure of Sun Core itself thus enhancing the mechanical performance of the pre-preg. The Super toughened epoxy resin formulation results in an end product of an extremely elegant and innovative konger medalist feeder 390/90g free download colour.

High Tensile grade carbon перейти на источник Black Core S. Er Super vibrational damping epoxy resin. High grade carbon fibre Black Core S. This intrinsic clouding holds micro-droplets of lubricant water, and it improves the wire passage, both wet and dry.

In this way the elastic, especially konger medalist feeder 390/90g free download reduced diameter, runs perfectly both in the output stage and in reentry stage. The colour is a guarantee of continuity but its core is definitely renewed.

The vibrations dumping inside the composite structures permits to obtain high reactivity products. For the fishing performances this is a really important goal! The particular work with Teflon sashes applied on the clutch part, both male and female, makes possible a longer duration of time and it avoid the annoying block of the pieces in the very feecer or sunny days. Like all the fishing competitorshe started when he was a child only for fun, and then going on with the seasons he decided to do it seriously and start нажмите чтобы увидеть больше the real competitions.

He won two Italian championships on and and then he matched two world championship in the years and won both of them, one in Bulgaria and the other one in Umbria Italy. He is in the Club Azzurro перейти на источник from more than 10 years and in konger medalist feeder 390/90g free download first season he won the superselection.

During the Latin Cup in Tolosa, in the year he was 3390/90g. In the year during the world championships in Finland Lapperantaon the artic lands, he closed as 4th. On the European championship in Czech Republic in Madunice he won the bronze medal in the team ranking. The Coni federation gave him the following medals for the athletic value: 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal. Today he is the first image man for the Maver brand and he follows up all the product developments for the match fishing and the competition fishing.

Made in Italy By: The Top Carp borns for the increasing demand of carpodrome poles but that free uitlezen code windows licentie download 10 also be used in a longer sizes then the classic 13 mt: it means 14,5 meters and also For this need the pole is really stiff and balanced on the 13 mt version, in order to rest also very good when we will put in the extension for fish 14,5 or 16 meters.

These extensions are offered as optionals. The pole mounts a kit slot carp. This model fits also very well our special light kitsbecoming a beautiful rod for catch white fishes. Made in Italy By: Pole with features of extraordinary toughness made with Reglass technology.

This extraordinary pole is one of the most powerful and tough tools on the market, suitable to be used with 2,8 band and 0,30 rigs and over. The invincible Pole thanks to its features, will be a point of reference for the fishing of big minnows in lakes and rivers like river Arno in Pisa where the presence of big clarius might create problems to the rods currently used for this kind of fishing.

With this konger medalist feeder 390/90g free download it will be konger medalist feeder 390/90g free download possible. With the Invincible can be used the 4 sections tips, both of series Competition Long and of series Competition Strong.

This rod is a new benchmark: Dynasty is the best among the carp fishing poles. Light, balanced and extremely pleasant to hand, perfectly suitable konger medalist feeder 390/90g free download every use in carp fisheries or rivers. Compatible with the 4 and 5 pieces kit of the Competition Power range.

The Power model is dedicated to the carpodrome, when a very strong and reliable tackle is needed to get through hard fishing sessions. The Match model is ideal when the competitions are oriented to catch fishes of medium sizes, like small sizes carps or bremes. Made in Italy By: This light and balanced competition rod is ideal for all kind of fishing.

It is adaptable with all the medalisf of the series Special and Ph, both the 4th and the 5th piece and again with the special kit Reglass to the connection of the 3th pieces on the 4th one.

A pole committed to carps in the lakes, where the angler needs a very reliable and performance rod. It was expressly requested from the specialists of this kind of fishing in France and also in Belgium. The pole can build the following kits: special kit drill feever the reglass modelsa kit top 3 from all the power kits tip, piece B and third element as light as carp again the top emdalist from all the special kits, AB tip and holder for Ab tip from all the series C and PH.

Short roubaisienne for carp fisheries. It comes from last series War. It has a small diameter, well balanced, rigid and reliable above all. The use of the new and very high resistance carbon konger medalist feeder 390/90g free download made the creation of this gear possible, that despite having a konger medalist feeder 390/90g free download max use it is highly technological dowmload perfect for young people who are approaching competitions.

Feeeder in Italy By: Finally, a real Franglaise rod for catching big fishes!!! The Reglass ingeneers were able to develop and create a semi parabolic veeder action that permits to this inimitable rod a great pleasure during the fightings.

This rod is sold with an 8 meters telescopic tip with two jointed extensions of 1,5 dirt 3 free download pc each. The telescopic part gives to this rod its own konger medalist feeder 390/90g free download and permits to fish with very light lines, dampening the most violent tugs too.

The finesse and the stiffness of extensions permit to have an excellent control of the line in every situation. This pole grants to the competitor to strain his catches which weigh many many kilograms, remaining sitting on the seatbox. In downlad way we can earn for sure a lot of time and comfort. A very good mini pole for carpodrome. It permits to finish with the normal elastics until 2. The thin blank makes this konger medalist feeder 390/90g free download very handly and the pole has the konger medalist feeder 390/90g free download kit of the War Power one.

Joint rod especially conceived for fishing in carp fisheries at a short distance. Excellent value and ,edalist stifness make it the perfect tool for all those who are approaching this technique. Very strong Rod designed for oversized fishes at short and medium distance. The peculiarity is especially in the geometry of the 4th element: very cylindrical which allows the use of kits of three pieces and all special kits, both Drill, Competition Power and Invincible series.

Then you can pull the elastic to the 4th element during the fight, also using big but very long elastics. A mini poles series for fishing carps in carpodromes near banks. This model has the Power Drill feeder allows the possibility to increase the elastic tension using hand easily and quickly. Made by very high resistance carbon fiber that downlaod great performances with an absolute resistance. This rod has been made to catch big fishes, ideal to be equipped with hollow bands also in the sizes n.

The Carp Dream is broadly used in North Europe carp fisheries. Available in 9-metres length. The is the top of this range! It is different from the other 2 Bolognese rods because of the thinner handle part and the stiff action which is very very reactive. The rod is really nice to use, reactive on each strike, but also soft when was ist nero multimedia suite 10 essentials free has to fight the runs of the catches.

The is the classic allround Bolognese which is good in each fishing session, for the most part of Italian fishing techniques. The balance is excellent, it permits also to fish with light monophilaments on the hooklink thanks to the action of the first 3 elements of the same rod.

It is really a super rod! The model is the entry level rod and is available in 3 sizes, from 5 to 7 meters. A new generation Bolognese rod konger medalist feeder 390/90g free download of super high modulus carbon with Nanolith resines. All absolutely konger medalist feeder 390/90g free download in italy by Reglass!

For this rod we have researched the best materials possible, in order to grant the anglers the fishing with the best rod on the market for this kind of rod. A top series of Bolognese rods with strenght and tip action. The stiff action makes it as the ideal rod for fishing from reef and in deep rivers. It is available with Fuji Alconyte guides and also in the blank version in order to be personalized with different kind of components.

The Hammer series includes the essence of Bolognese fishing, a thing hardly requested from the lovers of this technique in the latest years, when we have to fish big fishes in freshwaters or in the sea. Made of High Modulus carbon and Nanolith resin.

The project was developed in order to satisfy all the demanMade in Italy By: 39/090g fishermen for fishing in fresh or salt water. A rod like no others thanks the Made in Italy that marks its features. The Stream MX is a bolognese rod of extremely stiffness, very well balanced and the powerful handle gives the sensation of high reliability.

The strong rigid tip action is good for fishing from piers where the chance to catch great preys is around the corner. The Invincible is a name cluster trucks pc a warranty! This rod, thanks its structure, allows to face very big fishes in fresh waters and salt waters as well.


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